Crochet-Along Survey

Please take a moment to give us your answers to the following questions. This will help us to make the next Crochet-Along even better. Space is provided for you to write additional comments if you choose. Thanks in advance!


1. I feel comfortable that I learned the Filet Crochet Techniques presented in this Crochet-Along.
Strongly Agree     Agree     Neutral     Disagree     Strongly Disagree

2. The course material was clear and helped me learn
Strongly Agree     Agree     Neutral     Disagree     Strongly Disagree

The part I liked best about the Crochet-Along was

The part I liked least about the Crochet-Along was

3. The pace of the course was
Way Too Fast     Too Fast     About Right     Too Slow     Way Too Slow

4. I would recommend this Crochet-Along to others
Yes     No

5. Where did you hear about us?
Friend     Search Engine     Crochet Group     Email List     Other    
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6. Did you use our extra features?
yes, Message Board     yes, Chat Room     yes, both Message Board & Chat Room    
I emailed Hardy directly     Other    
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7. What do you think of our new Printed Crochet-Along Book?
It's great     Average     Needs work    
I didn't order (please give reason)     I didn't know you had them!     Other    
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8. Which New Crochet-Along would you be most interested in?
Quick and Easy


9. Which Techniques would you like to see in a Crochet-Along?
More Filet Crochet Yes     No    
More Delta Crochet Yes     No    
Thread Crochet Yes     No    
Something in yarn Yes     No    
Other; Please List 

Any other Comments you would like to share?

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If you have questions for us, then please send an email directly to Hardy at hardy@hassdesign.com

Thank you so much for spending the time to give us your feedback. Together, we can make the Crochet-Along's better. I hope to see you in the next Crochet-Along!

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