Crochet-Along Survey

Please take a moment to give us your answers to the following questions. This will help us to make the next Crochet-Along even better. Space is provided for you to write additional comments if you choose. Thanks in advance!


1. I feel comfortable that I learned the Filet Crochet Techniques presented in this Crochet-Along.
Strongly Agree     Agree     Neutral     Disagree     Strongly Disagree

2. The new crochet videos helped me learn
Strongly Agree     Agree     Neutral     Disagree     Strongly Disagree

The part I liked best about the Crochet-Along was

The part I liked least about the Crochet-Along was

3. The speed of the new crochet videos was
Way Too Fast     Too Fast     About Right     Too Slow     Way Too Slow

4. I would recommend this Crochet-Along to others
Yes     No

5. Where did you hear about us?
Friend     Search Engine     Crochet Group     Email List     Other    
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6. Did you use our extra features?
yes, the Message Board     I emailed Hardy directly     Other    
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7. What kinds of patterns are you most interested in?
Doily     Curtain     Table Runners/Tablecloths     Easy patterns     Shawl patterns     Other    
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8. From our list of Crochet-Alongs, which one are you
considering to attend?
(NEW) Crocheting with Color - in Filet
Butterfly Doily with Linen Center
Swan Lake Doily and Curtain in Filet Crochet
Holiday Spirit Doily in Filet Crochet
12 Days of Christmas


9. What other Topics would you like to see in a Crochet-Along?
More of the same, just different items Yes     No    
Holiday Patterns in Filet Crochet Yes     No    
One of the Crochet Designs from our Design Booklets Yes     No    
Crochet-Alongs by Skill-Level (say Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) Yes     No    
Other; Please List 

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If you have questions for us, then please send an email directly to Hardy at hardy@hassdesign.com

Thank you so much for spending the time to give us your feedback. Together, we can make the Crochet-Along's better. I hope to see you in the next Crochet-Along!

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