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About Hass Design
Crochet Patterns Designer Hartmut Hass At Hass Design, we specialize in Filet Crochet patterns, Delta Crochet Patterns, Bruges Crochet, Thread Crochet Patterns, and beginner to advanced online Crochet-Along classes.

See our free crochet tutorials, crochet stitch videos, selection of free patterns & crochet patterns
for sale.

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Hass Design Spring Pattern Sale

Spring Pattern Sale

Spring has sprung! Isn't it wonderful to start seeing all the new flowers blossoming? They are the inspiration of many of my designs. Spruce up your home with some new ideas. To celebrate spring time, we are offering specials all month long.

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Crochet Classes
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Instant-Print Filet Crochet Patterns
online crochet patterns
Filet Crochet Patterns & Delta Crochet Patterns

Online Crochet Patterns Print these patterns right from your computer. It's fast and easy. Pay using PayPal and get your patterns instantly!

Crochet Pattern Books
Crochet Pattern Books
Crochet pattern books
All crochet classes >

Crochet-Along Club
(all 11 Classes)

Bruges Lace Crochet
(bruges crochet)

Crocheting with Color
(filet crochet)

Swan Lake Doily & Curtain
(filet crochet)

Little Hearts Doily (filet crochet)

Little Hearts Table Runner (filet)

Rose Doilies (filet crochet)

Butterfly Doily (filet w/Linen)

Star Jasmine Doily (delta crochet)

Florabunda (filet crochet)

12 Days of Christmas
(filet, basic & thread crochet)

Holiday Spirit (filet crochet)
All online crochet patterns >

Bruges Crochet Lace Patterns ON SALE

Holiday Crochet Patterns ON SALE

Curtain Crochet Patterns ON SALE

Filet Crochet Patterns w/ Linen ON SALE

Filet Crochet Doily Patterns (Round & Square) ON SALE

Oval Doilies ON SALE

Doily Patterns starting in Center ON SALE

Delta Crochet Doily Patterns ON SALE

Filet Table Runner / Topper Crochet Patterns ON SALE

Crochet Shawl Patterns ON SALE

All crochet pattern books >

Curtains with Style book SALE

Elegant Tablecloths book SALE

Timeless Doilies book SALE

Doily Classics book SALE

Bistro Curtains book SALE
FREE Filet Crochet Pattern Free Crochet Patterns
Square Doily with Lilies

Have you ever tried Filet Crochet?

It's easier than you think!

All you need to know are some basic Stitches and how to work from a chart.

Join our next Crochet-Along and learn some new stitches. Or just have fun crocheting on the same project as your friends.
  crochet Thread  Crochet Tips 'n Tricks !

Choosing the Right Thread for your project is very important. It will determine the look of the finished product. Some of the topics covered are
  • What kind & size of thread should I use?
  • What color of thread should I use?
  • What thread Quality should I buy?
Coats & Clark
For more details, See our Full List of Tips 'N Tricks

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